Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions The Meaning and Mystery of Life s.r.o.

operator of a the shop on the domains https://eshop.themeaningandmysteryoflife.com and https://eshop.tajemstviasmyslzivota.cz

(hereafter ”terms and conditions”)


Introductory provisions

  1. These terms and conditions regulate mutual rights and obligations between the company The Meaning and Mystery of Life s.r.o., Prague, Žižkov, Štítného, PC 130 00, ID: 11948485 (hereafter ”seller”), as the seller on the one hand, and a customer as a buyer on the other hand (hereafter ”customer”).

  2. Buyer, who is just a consumer (hereafter ”customer”), and seller (together hereafter ”contracting parties”) on the terms and conditions set out below, conclude according to the law § 2079 num. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code (hereafter ”law”) contract of buying of the goods with defined rights and obligations of the contracting parties, as set below (hereafter “Contract”). Contract can be concluded only in Czech language.

  3. Contract is concluded electronically between the seller and the customer, through the e-shop on the web pages of the seller on the domains www.themeaningandmysteryoflife/eshop.com and https://eshop.tajemstviasmyslzivota.cz (hereafter “web pages”).

  4. Customer can only be a consumer. In case of the buyer not executing the Contract, who is by the law the consumer. He/She is not entitled to the laws set in the terms and conditions, to which are entitled only the consumers. According to the legal regulations.


Conclusion of the Contract

  1. Seller presents on the web pages a catalog of goods and services – particularly clothes, stickers and more complementary goods (hereafter ”products”).

  2. Products offer on the web pages isn’t a proposal of contract conclusion within the meaning of § 1731 et seq. of the Law. Information about availability and delivery times of the products displayed on the web pages are with regards to delivery times of the suppliers, availability and other decisive circumstances are only indicative. The display of products (especially the shades of colors, variable parts of the products) are, by their nature, merely illustrative. The final product can vary in appearance depending on circumstances, which can not be affected by the seller.

  1. Conclusion of the Contract: Interested party of purchasing of a product, creates through the web pages an order by placing a particular product to the cart, after selecting a size, or a different parameter of a product, by clicking on a button ”Add to cart”. In case of successful adding to the cart with selecting:

  • number of pieces or a type of a product,
  • method of delivery of a product,
  • identification and delivery data of the customer,
  • method of payment and,
  • other data, if required

is on the check out page after clicking on the ”Order” button created an order of the products (hereafter ”order”), which is a bidding proposal for conclusion of the Contract towards the Seller with the content specified in the order. Before binding placing of the order is the customer able to check and alter the data, which he placed to the order.

Every additional data for the order, for example specification of the color, type or execution of the product, or if applicable, further details, messages and demands on the Seller, are possible through the window of ”notes”. Which will appear in the bottom part of the form.

  1. Seller isn’t obligated to accept the order.

  2. Concerning the conclusion and effectiveness of the Contract between the Seller and the Customer occurs at the moment of acceptance of the order by the Seller, by sending a confirmation email to the Customer’s email address stated in the order. Deadline for the acceptance of the order by the seller are three working days. In case you didn’t receive confirmation of the order even after five working days of placing the order, please contact the Seller at the email address: eshop(at)themeaningandmysteryoflife.com


Contents of the Contract
  1. The conclusion of the Contract binds the Seller to deliver the product in accordance with the order to the place stated in the order as the place of fulfillment (to the customer or a person designated by the customer or to a place designated by the customer). The customer is committed to paying for the product and its delivery to the Seller the price stated in the order.

  2. The date of delivery of the product stated in the order is for the Seller non-binding and only indicative. Depends on manufacturer’s delivery times and availability of the goods. The Seller with regards to the nature of performance doesn’t guarantee an exact date of delivery stated in the order. But will make a reasonable effort to do so. To meet the deadline according to the customer’s wishes.

  3. The Customer is obligated immediately after receiving the product to check its state, number and quality.

  4. The Customer is obligated to state any faults of the product to the Seller without any unnecessary delay after the delivery of the product, to the address of the Seller set out in Article I of the Terms and Conditions, or electronically at the email address eshop@themeaningandthemysteryoflife.com


Prices of the products and methods of payment
  1. If not stated otherwise on the web pages, the prices of the products are displayed by a specific product including VAT.

  2. Delivery of the product to the place of fulfillment, packing and other related costs, if any, shall be paid by the Customer. The Customer will be informed about the amount of these costs and the price of delivery before placing the order.

  3. The prices of the products can be paid with these methods:

    1. Online with a payment card (Stripe);

    2. With a bank transfer to the account of the Seller stated in the confirmation of the order with indicating the variable symbol.

    3. The Seller issues and hands over to the Customer a tax document for the fulfillment under the Contract no later than at the same time as such fulfillment.


Information for the consumer
  1. The provisions of this Act V. of the terms and conditions are not related to the cases when the person who intends to buy the goods from the Seller, acts when ordering the goods as part of their business activities.

  2. Contact details of the Seller:
  • address for the delivery: Prague, Žižkov, Štítného 34, PC 130 00, Czech republic
  • address for returns: Prague, Žižkov, Štítného 34, PC 130 00, Czech republic
  • email address: info@themeaningandmysteryoflife.com
  • telephone number: +420 606 604 804
  • bankovní spojení xxx-xxx-xxx
  1. The Provider is entitled to sell the goods on the basis of a trade license and his/her activities are not subject to any other licensing. Trade control is carried out within the scope of its competence by the competent trade licensing authority.

  2. In case of defective performance of the Seller, the Customer has rights according to § 2099 et seq. of the Civil Code. The Seller does not provide any special guarantee for the quality of the products within the meaning of § 2113 of the Civil Code.

  3. By sending the order the Customer agrees with the usage of distance means of communication when concluding the Contract.

  4. The Customer, who is in accordance with the law a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the Contract. Concluded through web pages. This does not apply in cases when the subject of the Contract is a delivery of a product which was customized according to the Customer’s wishes or for his/her person.

  5. With this the Seller points out to the Customer, that with conclusion of Contracts concluded by means of distance communication, according to the law applies:

    1. The costs of means of distance communication, in accordance with the conclusion of the Contract, does not differ from the basic rates (cost of internet connection etc.), and the customers pay for these costs themselves.

    2. The costs of means of distance communication, in accordance with the conclusion of the Contract, does not differ from the basic rates (cost of internet connection etc.), and the customers pay for these costs themselves.

    3. in case of the Contract withdrawal the customer pays the costs associated with the return of the product

    4. Exercising the right to withdraw from the Contract in the period designated by the law the Customer is not entitled to be compensated for the cost of postage required for the return to the Seller.
  1. If the Customer withdraws from the Contract concluded by the distance method, the Seller returns without any unnecessary delay, latest within 14 days from the Contract withdrawal, all the financial means including the cost of delivery, which the Seller received based on the Contract in the same way. The Seller returns to the Customer received costs in a different way only if the Customer agrees with it and no other costs arise from such a way.

  2. If the Customer has chosen a different, than the cheapest mean on delivery of the product, provided by the Seller, the Seller returns to the Customer the amount of the cost corresponding to the cheapest mean of delivery of the product.


Undelivered (unclaimed) packages
  1. The purchaser, within his/hers order chooses the means of delivery. Either through the post office or a different carrier. In case that the purchaser chooses the option of delivery through the post office or a courier, he/she agrees to pay the full price of delivery.

  2. If the package gets returned without fault of the Seller (the carrier has not found the addressee,  wasn’t informed about the deposit of the parcel, the customer didn’t take the parcel), the Seller is entitled to demand the cost of the return delivery from the Customer.

  3. In case that the order (including possible cost of delivery) was already paid and didn’t get delivered than the purchaser can,  according to point VI. paragraph 2. of the Commercial Rewards, request a resend. The resend can be done only after repayment of the cost of delivery.


Refunds / Returns

  1. The seller is in relation to the Customer responsible for the faults (contradiction of the product with the Contract). In case of faulty product the Customer has, according to his choice, these rights:

a) right to removal of the fault by delivering a new product without the fault or delivery of the missing part

b) right for removal of the fault by repair

c) right for reasonable sale from the purchase price, or

d) right for withdrawal from the Contract.

whereby the specific conditions of realization of aforementioned rights of the Customer, are set out in individual generally binding legal regulations in force in the Czech Republic, in particular in the provisions of Sections 1914 to 1925, 2087 to 2117 and 2158 to 2174 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, and in the provisions of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., the Consumer Protection Act.

The customer is obligated to send the faulty product together with the claim to the address of the Seller and attach a description of the fault and data enabling the identification of the Customer.


Consumer dispute resolution
  1. The subject entitled for extrajudicial dispute resolution from the Contract is Czech Trade Inspection.

  2. The customer has the right to contact the Czech Trade Inspection in relation with the performance of the conclusion of the Contract or proposal for the extrajudicial dispute resolution with the Seller on the address of the Czech Trade Inspection at Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2. More information at adr.coi.cz


Final provisions
  1. The legal relation of the Seller and the Customer is governed by the Czech Law. If the Contract includes a foreign aspect both parties agree that the relation is governed by the Czech Law. This is without prejudice to the consumer’s rights under generally binding legislation.

  2. If any of the provisions of the terms and conditions is invalid or ineffective, or becomes one, in place of invalid provision comes a provision whose meaning is closest to the invalid one. Invalidity or ineffectiveness of one of the provisions does not affect validity of other provisions. Changes and additions to the Contract or the terms and conditions require a written form.

  3. The Contract is archived by the Seller in an electronic form. The content of the order is  sent to the Customer in a confirmation email and these terms and conditions are available on the web pages.

  4. The version of the terms and conditions can be altered or supplemented  by the Seller within a reasonable amount without the Customer’s permission. The change of the terms and conditions does not affect previously concluded Contracts.

  5. Provisions deviating from the terms and conditions can be arranged with Customer within an individual case in a written form or exclusively if the Seller the change of the Contract within the accepting of the order explicitly confirms. Deviations set in such a manner are prior to the terms and conditions.

  6. Everything is subject to change and refers to the Czech version of the terms and conditions (https://eshop.tajemstviasmyslzivota.cz/obchodni-podminky/), and Czech Laws and policies.
  7. These terms and conditions are effective from 1/5/2022.

Template form for the Contract withdrawal concluded by the distance method if the Law provides so:

Addressee: The Meaning and Mystery of Life s.r.o., Prague, Žižkov, Štítného 34, PC 130 00, Czech Republic

I, signed below (customers identification), with this withdraw from purchase contracts or service contracts concluded by the distance method with the seller The Meaning and Mystery of Life s.r.o. concluded on the date (date of Contract conclusion) with the order number (state the order number other significant unambiguous identification).

Please return the purchase cost to the bank account number (fill in the account number for money return)

(Date and customers signature)